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A family having Christmas dinner

As we storm towards the end of the season, the overflowing fridges and cupboards are slowly returning to normal. The family packs of crisps are dwindling, the chocolate selection boxes are becoming less of a selection and the leftovers are stuffed into Tupperware’s in the fridge. And as we all know, with the new year comes new years resolutions. It’s natural to feel the overwhelming urge to become healthy overnight after a month of indulgence. But what about all the leftovers in the fridge? Surely, it can’t go to waste? Well, we’re here to help you use up those last scraps of Christmas dinner and get a head start on your goals. 

Here we have five delicious recipes that will use up your Christmas stashes. We snow you’ll love them… 

  1. Moroccan Roasted Vegetable Soup

    Roasted vegetables are the key to a mouth-watering soup. And it’s soup-er easy to make. This dish can easily be made Moroccan by adding some ras-el-hanout spice mix. The key ingredients you’ll need are:
    – Carrots
    – Parsnips
    – Red onion
    – Butternut Squash
    – 1 roast potato
    – Garlic

  2. Toasted Sesame Sprouts

    Sprouts can get a bad rep for being the most controversial part of any Christmas dinner. However, despite their controversy, they’re a versatile vegetable. Maybe this recipe will turn you into a sprout lover, not a hater… You’ll need:
    – Sprouts
    – Sesame seeds
    – Chillis
    – Soy Sauce
    – Sherry
    – Pinch of sugar

  3. Spaghetti with Walnuts, Raisins & Parsley

    A rather unconventional leftover dinner, this spaghetti dish will use up all your spare fruit and nuts. It’s super healthy, super quick and will may become a dinner staple. This recipe requires:
    – Spaghetti
    – 2 Onions
    – Raisins or sultanas
    – Vegetable stock
    – Walnuts
    – Parsley

    (If nuts aren’t your thing or you have an allergy, here are some nut-free alternatives to try instead).

  4. Warm Cauliflower Salad

    Warm salad? You’d better believe it. If you’ve got some spare cauliflower floating around in the fridge, then this recipe will be your best friend. Not to mention, it’s the best recipe that will kick-start a healthy year.
    – Cauliflower
    – 1 red onion
    – Sherry vinegar
    – Agave syrup
    – Raisins
    – Dill
    – Flaked almonds
    – Baby Spinach

  5. Red Cabbage, Cauliflower & Coconut Dahl

    If you’re a big fan of spice and flavour, then this recipe is the one for you. Spicy, delicious and packed full of nutrients, it’s the perfect leftover dish. And it’s gluten-free!
    – 1 Cauliflower
    – Rapeseed Oil
    – 1 Onion
    – Red cabbage
    – Ginger
    – 2 Garlic Cloves
    – Chilli Powder
    – Turmeric
    – Garam Masala
    – Red lentils
    – Vegetable stock
    – 1 lime
    – Coconut flakes

    We hope you love these recipes and are ready to slide into the new year with health and style. See you Lamas in 2023! 

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