10 Delicious Diet-Diverse Treats for a Happy Christmas

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With a bit of planning and preparation, everyone in the family can enjoy the flavours of Christmas… no matter their dietary needs. From holiday treats to fuel the early-morning unwrapping of gifts, to delicious nibbles to enjoy at the family table, you can find something here to satisfy every member on your list!


It’s important to remember the munching needs of the star of our show – the jolly fellow in the dashing red suit and fuzzy hat. Santa is bound to be ravenously hungry from all of those at-home chimney deliveries. Perhaps the world-famous bringer of cheer deserves solid gourmet treats this year. These gluten-free chocolate cookies combined with the citrus essence of blood orange are extra-special both in name, and in taste.  (While you’re leaving out the cookies for Santa, be sure not to forget the carrots for his hard-working reindeer!)

Gluten-free Cookies

Your gluten-free household members might also be interested in a bit of crunchy cheer to accompany the main meal. Consider these gluten-free Turkey and Stuffing Tortilla Chips from Tesco. We’ve heard that these pair well with a plate of crunchy crudités… they might even pair well with a pour of warm gravy. (Are we the only ones who dip our chips in gravy? Keep an open mind this Christmas season, mates.)

Tesco Free From Turkey & Stuffing Tortilla Chips 150G

Sometimes holiday treats are best served from stockings. Few things in life beat the thrill of feeling the lumps in a stocking and trying to determine which delightful sweets await. The ASDA Extra Special Free From Truffle Collection offers a gluten-free take on the gourmet sweet, sure to please the discerning stocking-openers in your family. You can also wrap these up and send them along to school as a gift for the teacher, who’s certainly deserving of something special as well.

Gluten-Free Truffles


Now, the vegans on your shopping list would also like to alert you that they’ve been craving truffles. Well, maybe they haven’t directly alerted you – yet – but it’s coming soon. Get ready with this vegan truffle selection from Monty Bojangles. There’s a certain joy in telling someone that you’ve purchased some Monty Bojangles, just for them.

Monty Bojangles Vegan Truffle Selection 135g

We can’t forget about the mince pie for Christmas, of course. When you think mince pie, you might not necessarily think vegan. But you can think again. These ASDA mince pies are suitable for vegans, and they’re pretty darn tasty as well.  So delicious, in fact, that they won the Christmas Q Highly Commended Award 2020. You might even serve these mince pies with your very best serving dish – the one that you only bring out once a year. Or, you can serve these little mince pies on a plain paper plate. They’re so good that they elevate the very surface that they touch.

Mince Pies

In a different direction, you might be in the mood for a nice cold treat on Christmas. Cold holiday treats aren’t always what you think of for the Christmas season, but if it involves silky pot and salted caramel, it might just be the thing you’ve been dreaming of all year. This silky pot by the brand Fancy Plants is an excellent treat either to round out the holiday meal, or to simply end the busy day with a little swirl of the spoon.

image 1 of Fancy Plants Chocolate Salted Caramel Silky Pot 2X80g

What about savoury holiday treats? Vegans don’t have to miss out on salty deliciousness this Christmas. These sausage rolls by Linda McCartney are in fact meatless. They’re so sausage-like that you might even feel the need to stare at the label to prove it to yourself.

Linda McCartney Sausage Rolls


Those on a low or no-sugar diet don’t have to miss out on the Christmas candies that lend the season their particular flavour. Werthers is always a favourite, and the delicious butter candies even come in a sugar-free variety that tastes remarkably like the original.

Werther's Original


The Sula brand also makes a sugar-free version of boiled sweets in the mint humbug variety – ideal for keeping one’s breath fresh throughout the busy festivities of the day.

Sula Sugar Free Mint Humbugs Boiled Sweets 42g

Finally, we found a chocolate cookie that’s free of all sugars as well. These cookies from the Free’ist label will please any palate, and they’ll pair nicely with a steaming cuppa to cap off your Christmas cheer.

Fructose-free cookies

We at foodlama wish you a wonderful holiday season! Our browser add-on will save you valuable time, so you can get back to enjoying the holidays with your nearest and dearest. From our team at foodlama to you and yours, we wish you a happy Christmas, and a delightful year ahead!

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