5 Gluten-free Bread Brands to Try



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Gluten-free Bread Basket

Bread, bread, bread! It’s a staple to the British diet and most of us simply can’t get enough of it. To get the perfect gluten-free avocado on toast or grilled cheese at home, here are our favourite gluten-free loaves…

Warburtons Artisan Tiger Gluten Free 400G

You really can’t go wrong with tiger bread! This is an exciting alternative to plain gluten-free bread, it’s perfect for sandwiches or your morning toast.

Since sourdough took over the world, a few brands have attempted the gluten-free challenge and it’s safe to say, very few have succeeded in making something tasty. However, M&S has absolutely nailed this one. Most gluten-free sourdough loaves are far too dense but they’ve somehow managed a light texture that’s packed full of flavour.

If you’re throwing a dinner party or just want to treat yourself, these baguettes are something a bit special. They’re slightly on the pricey side but believe us, they’re worth it. You get 6 baguettes in a pack and they’re freezable, so no rush to eat it all in one go (although you probably will)!

Fitzgerald's bagels

We’re back at it again with the sourdough! Bagels are a staple for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and these do exactly what they say on the tin. They’re tasty and have the chewy, doughy texture you expect from a good bagel.

Schär Gluten-free Wholesome Loaf

We’re ending this list on a simple note because good bread does not have to be complicated. For over 35 years, Schär has been dedicated to perfecting gluten-free baked goods. From a simple wholesome loaf to pain au chocolat, they have it all. If you’re ever in doubt, they’re a great place to start.

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