5 Of The Best Vegan Cheese You Can Buy In The UK



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Vegan Cheese

Cheese, cheese, cheese. I’m going to be honest, cheese is one of the hardest dairy products to give up for many people. However, going plant-based has never been easier and one product that is constantly being improved is vegan cheese. So, without further ado here are 5 vegan cheeses you should be trying…

1. Luxury Option: Abel & Cole Macadamia White, Organic Nettle 

organic macadamia white nettle cheese alternative

This cheese alternative is not cheap but it’s great for a special occasion.  Because it’s made from natural ingredients, it doesn’t have the synthetic taste common to many vegan cheeses. It’s fabulously rich and creamy and can be spread on crackers or crusty bread.

2. Budget Option: Applewood Vegan Cheese Alternative 


Applewood Vegan Smoky Cheese Alternative 200g

This product is easy to find and an affordable weekly buy. What’s great about this option is that it melts amazingly and has a subtle smokey, so it works perfectly in everyday meals. If you’re a toastie fan, this is the one for you.

3. “Wow, this is vegan?” Option: Honestly Tasty Bree 


It wasn’t easy to pick one cheese from Honestly Tasty, so you should really check out all their products. However, this one came top because of how close its texture is to real brie (when I say it’s unbelievably creamy, I mean it)! If you’re a lover of blue cheese, you should check out their Veganzola, it absolutely nails the earthy flavour.

4. One For A Salad: GreenVie Block Greek Style

Zoom image

Coated in oregano and olive oil, this is a great option if you like a Greek salad. It’s made from a mix of coconut oil and potato starch, so it has the firm crumbly texture of classic feta.

5. One To Snack On: Vegan Babybel

Babybel Plant-Based Vegan Snacks 5x20g

If you fancy a taste of your childhood or just an office snack, this is perfect. Everyone loves a Babybel and the brand rocked the plant-based world when it released its plant-based line. What they’ve really nailed is that Babybel texture that everyone knows and loves.


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