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Anyone with an allergy knows that ingredients sneak into products you would never expect and ice cream is one of them! Often it’s easy to find a product that is dedicated to one allergen but not multiple but these brands are great for multiple diets. So, here is a list of 5 ice creams that you can tuck into care free!

1.  A La Mode 

There aren’t many ice cream companies dedicated to nut-free production, enter A La Mode. The New York based brand spotted a gap in the market and has absolutely boomed since. They offer an exciting array of flavours from chocolate chip to pink sprinkle and every single one is manufactured in a nut-free facility. Sadly, you won’t find this on UK supermarket shelves just yet but they do deliver!

2. Cado

Cado’s tagline, ‘it’s what we leave out that makes all the difference’ says it all really. Their ice cream is avocado-based meaning it’s dairy-free and the majority of their products are nut-free If you’re looking for a healthier alternative ice cream that still packs a lot of flavour, this is perfect for you.

3. Oatly

One pint of Oatly Frozen Dessert Ice Cream, Strawberry flavored. Non-dairy and Vegan. No gluten or nuts.

Oatly has blown up recently as a pioneer for dairy-free ice cream, however, it may surprise you to know that the majority of their products are nut-free as well. On their website they state that unless it has hazelnut in its name, you’re good to go.

4. Naturli


Naturli takes on Ben & Jerry’s style flavours and makes them allergy friendly. A lot of their flavours are nut free and they are all dairy and gluten free!

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