4 Vegan Meat Alternatives That Aren’t Processed



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Pulled Jackfruit Burgers

Every vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian knows that meat alternatives have come a long way in the last few years. Some of the burgers out there are scarily close to the real thing (check out my favourites here and here!). However, a lot of the alternatives out there are heavily processed and sometimes a vegan option that’s a bit more natural is called for.

1. Jackfruit

Jackfruit, vegan meat substitute used for pulled pork, tacos, even fish patties, packs a nutritional punch | South China Morning Post

Jackfruit is an amazing alternative to any pulled meat. If you haven’t tried it in a burrito yet, run to your nearest Tortilla! It takes flavour really well and has such a meaty texture. Obviously in the UK, it’s difficult to buy fresh jackfruit but you can buy it canned whole in just water. Simply coat it in spices and oil then bake and ‘pull’. Here’s a great recipe that I tried on my first attempt.

2. Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom Tempura

You can find oyster mushrooms in most big supermarkets and when I say they make the best burgers, I am not joking. I had a fried oyster mushroom burger a few months ago and have been trying to recreate it endlessly since. Think pulled pork meets fried chicken in the best way possible. Here’s the best recipe I’ve found…

3. Seitan

Shredded chicken style seitan (vegan meat) by obiii. A Thermomix <sup>®</sup> recipe in the category Main dishes - vegetarian on www.recipecommunity.com.au, the Thermomix <sup>®</sup> Community.

Seitan has had a lot of attention recently thanks to TikTok and I honestly think it’s warranted. It can be made from scratch at home, so you can add as many spices as you like and you end up with a chicken-like dough. Essentially, the process involves creating dough from flour and water which you steam and then fry. If you want to give it a go, here’s a really simple, easy-to-follow recipe.

4. Banana Blossom

This ingredient is fairly new to the Western vegan scene but I reckon it will only get more popular as time goes on. Banana blossom is a flower that has the texture of cooked tuna at its heart. It absorbs flavours quickly and is a great alternative to fish. A lot of recipes batter and fry the flower to recreate fish and chips. Like jackfruit, you will probably struggle to find it fresh but can easily buy it canned.

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