4 Meat Alternatives That Don’t Scrimp on Flavour!



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So, you’ve watched Cowspiracy, read the statistics, and decided to do your bit for the environment and cut down on your meat consumption… but where do you begin? Well, meat alternatives are a pretty good place to start!

Meat consumption in the U.K. has fallen by 17% in the past decade creating demand for more meat-free options. With Supermarkets doing their best to stock more and more meat alternatives, the choice can be quite overwhelming. Which veggie burger is the best? Is pea protein or soya tastier? No fear, these recommendations are a springboard to dive off into the world of meatless wonder!

Here Are 4 Marvellous Meat Alternatives…

1. Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Meatballs

Linda McCartney Chilled Vegetarian Meatballs 240g

As a longstanding, immensely popular presence in the meatless industry, you’ve probably heard of Linda McCartney’s veggie sausages. However, these meatballs deserve more attention. An easy swap to make from the usual beef meatballs, they are full of protein and equally full of flavour. Their meaty, juicy texture will leave you swearing that you just had a classic meatball marinara!

A cult classic, the Beyond Burger has rightfully earned its place as a staple for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. Simply put, it is unbelievably tasty and can be eaten alone or with all the trimmings. It is so good that the infamous Honest Burgers has adopted it as their go-to veggie burger but lucky for you, they’re also stocked in Tesco!

3. Wicked Chorizo-Style Bangers

Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Style Bangrs 350G

Looking to spice up an all-English brekkie or a classic butty? These firecrackers are perfect! Far from boring, their smoky, spicy flavour goes perfectly with avocado and a good slice of toast! Alternatively, they add an extra kick to a casserole or tomato pasta dish. Made with pea protein, they’re a great option if you’re not a fan of soya products.

This pack of not-so-chicken pieces is your key to a vegetarian Indian that isn’t simply a bowl of vegetables! Its texture is scarily close to the real deal and the pieces absorb flavour fantastically, culminating in a product designed perfectly for rich flavourful sauces .

Something a bit different, Vivera offers a wide range of soy-based meat alternatives, their crown jewel, the vegetarian kebab ‘meat.’ If you’re bored of vegetarian sausages or burgers, this product is exciting, tasty, and a healthy alternative to your average chip-shop kebab.

How Can FoodLama Help?

Finding meat alternatives that suit your taste can take some time. The best thing to do is try lots of brands until you find your favourite and FoodLama can help with that. FoodLama recommends new products to try that suit your personalised criteria, download it today for free to see just how great it is…

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